About Us

Witt & Sons Custom Carpentry got its start in 2015, when the entrepreneurial spirit vested itself in our family.

After moving from Palmer Lake to far east Colorado, we found ourselves with one option after a word from the Lord and we knew it was time to become our own bosses.

The freedom and responsibility that came with starting our own construction company, was perfect for us and our big family, stacking up hours when necessary and having glorious family time in between.


We love to make the world our children’s classroom. We’ve been to twenty one states so far as family. On our travels we also make a point to visit the local national park. We taken in the beauty that is nine national parks. The memories we’ve made on these family road trips is priceless.
My carpentry career officially began around 1997, when being drawn from a lottery of students, I was placed in an accelerated trades program in high school.
Coming from a blue-collar family, I knew I was going to spend my life working with my hands and as I grew into myself, I knew it was my true calling.
Now over 20 years later, I’m putting out some of my best work and looking forward to expanding the business, taking on new customers, and in the near future having my oldest son join me, to create a sort of dynamic duo!
Our family dream is to buy a farm where we can raise our babies, welcome our community, host gatherings and be a safe haven.
We want to build something so big and beautiful our children want to join us. We are off to a good start.
My wife and I feel very called to help end human trafficking. This is a big part of our mission.
We have a great love and respect for America. We are beyond grateful to be born here and committed to ensuring our children grow up with the same freedoms we do.
We look forward to serving you, your family, your friends, and all the people you will surely recommend us to.
At Witt & Sons custom carpentry, we’ll always leave you confident with your investment in us and your project.
Our motto is “Strive for Perfection, Settle for Excellent” and we stand tall on that promise.

Our Team




I’m Ryan Witt, Carpenter since 2000 and getting better every year. My family is my focus and we love the life that comes with being business owners and entrepreneurs and when your work is you passion it’s easy to give it 100%. After moving to Colorado and a short stint as an ‘employee’ we decide it was time to branch out and really capture our potential and haven’t looked back since.

Meagan Witt

Meagan Witt

Co-Founder/Creative Director

I'm Meagan Witt. Devoted wife and passionate Mama of seven. My husband and I started this company seven years ago on a word from the Lord. We love our local community and serving then well.

Charlie Witt

Charlie Witt


I'm Charlie, an aspiring carpenter. Looking forward to graduating high school so I can join my dad full time. I love building and take a lot of pride in my work.

Mission Statement

At Witt & Sons Custom Carpentry we are committed to giving our customers the greatest value for their financial investment, providing a second to none positive experience and developing tradesmen to serve the community for generations to come.

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