A deck can be one of the greatest upgrades one can invest in and add to their home.

The additional living space, added style and significance to your home, a place where laughter, family and memories will most certainly be made.

A properly planned and constructed deck space can truly change a person and/or families life.

As a long time and proud deck builder in Monument, Co and surrounding areas, we’ve learned some important tricks along the way that can help a homeowner not only get the deck space of their dreams but do so without the headaches many experience.

Understanding your desired outcome is essential to proper planning. Why are you building the space? What features does it need to possess? Is it possible it will need to be altered in the future?

Asking a few key questions, can put your builder in a far more informed spot and as a result help you achieve your desired outcome.

Establishing a budget will be essential as it sets the boundaries that your deck aspirations will have to fit within.

Deciding on materials, styles, colors, qualities, construction methods, etc… will impact much of your project including, timeline, budgets and of course, aesthetics.

One of the best things one can do when planning this dream space, is to connect with an experienced deck designer and builder to not only talk options but talk options specific to your home and space.

Your property may have unique attributes that need to be considered when formulating your plan. The topography of your land, how you want the structure to come off your home, how it needs to be mounted to your home (if applicable). These are all things, that an experienced deck builder can help you better understand and will allow you to assemble a headache free plan and ultimately an amazing deck.

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